Truth is that the age you die affects coverage you’ll get

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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All right, I admit it. I’ve never actually seen the film The Bodyguard, although I can warble along to at least one of the tracks on the album.

With this limited exposure to Whitney Houston, I’m left feeling as if I’m letting the side down by not joining in with the collective wailing at her passing away.

But I can’t help thinking that media reports of international grief over her death at the age of 48 are way overstated.

Yes, losing her is devastating for her family and friends. But the rest of us are saying ‘oh that’s a shame’, closely followed by ‘what’s for lunch?’

I agree she was beautiful and talented. But wasn’t her career pretty much over?

The truth is that in celebrity land, the younger you die the more coverage you get.