Trying to ban the singing of Delilah is an over-reaction

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It appears we should all stop singing the Tom Jones classic Delilah because it trivialises domestic violence and murder.

It’s a song that I, who count Wales as a second home, have been known to belt out at the top of my voice under the correct conditions.

However, former Plaid Cymru president and folk musician Dafyyd Iwan has said Wales rugby fans shouldn’t sing it, mainly because it involves a man murdering a woman after catching her cheating on him.

It’s not electioneering, as Mr Iwan isn’t standing in the 2015 general election.

But since Delilah’s been around since she sold out Samson for money and the kind of animals who beat up women don’t do so because of Tom Jones, banning it is a bit of an over-reaction.