Turn down street lighting and save us taxpayers a bit of cash

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Here’s a tip for council leaders who are always looking to save money.

Check out which of your local streets have houses with massive displays of Christmas lights outside them, then turn down the street lighting in those places to save us poor council tax payers a bit of cash.

There are some houses where the Christmas light displays are so bright that you could turn off the street lighting altogether.

Yes, I am being a curmudgeon!

n I saw something in the window of a shop the other day – a box marked Snow Shovel Kit.

Now this sounded like quite a good present, especially when I read the features of this snow-shovelling kit. Itsaid:

n Essential winter motoring accessory

 n Lightweight

 n Compact three-piece design for easy storage

 n Snap push button assembly

 n Robust polypropylene scoop and handle

 n Approximate length 94 centimetres

But then I looked at what the kit was and basically, it’s a shovel! It comes in three pieces and you snap it together to make your snow shovel.

Instead of all that guff on the front of the box, couldn’t they have just said: ‘You can use it to shovel snow with’.

It would have saved an awful lot of time.

n They say Christmas is a time when you really get to know your neighbours and I think that’s true.

Because admit it, how many of you only know your neighbours’ first names because they’ve put a Christmas card through your door saying: ‘To all at number 16, from Pete and Carol at number 35’ or something similar?

Other than that there’s no way I would have a clue what my neighbours are called.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who dropped off a toy for our Mission Christmas Toy Appeal at Wave 105.

We are overwhelmed by the huge amount of support the campaign has achieved. It is a truly wonderful effort and really makes a difference.