Twaddicts are having a field day

So important to confide in somebody about abuse

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Across the globe there are 200 million ‘twaddicts’ (Twitter users) sending out 155 million tweets (for the uninitiated, short internet messages of up to 140 characters) a day.

Anyone can follow or read a tweet, which can be informative, jolly, controversial – or, in the case of Gabby Logan and Jemima Khan, a pack of lies. Tweets were sent about both women, wrongly accusing them of taking out super injunctions to stop publicity about non-existent affairs. Not surprisingly, they caused Gabby and Jemima great distress.

These twaddicts are having a field day ever since celebrities have started getting gagging orders to stop the press printing details about their alleged affairs.

But I say the press is here to print the truth. If male celebrities don’t like it, don’t mattress mambo away from home.