Uncovering hidden territory is scary

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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I’ve never been precious about my car or worried how it looks on the outside.

As long as it is roadworthy and gets us all from A to B, then I’m satisfied.

However, I do like to try and keep the interior clean and tidy.

But between the kids, shopping, work and our dog Ralph – who likes to shed his coat all over the seats – this isn’t always easy.

I know now I really do need to keep on top of it though, because at the weekend I discovered that there’s a section of my car that even I didn’t know existed.

Hidden from view, this is an area that I definitely need to get to know better.

You see, I recently had the joy of temporarily moving one of the child car seats into the boot, freeing up some room so I could give some family members a lift home.

So I unclipped Caitlin’s pink safety seat and lifted it out to store it in the boot.

And it was at this point that I saw the part of my car that had been hidden until this moment.

What greeted me underneath the car seat caused me concern. I actually worried that the vehicle was in danger of being towed away by the health and safety inspectors.

It was so bad that I was half expecting TV’s Kim and Aggie to appear with a brush in one hand and some kind of cleaning spray in the other.

They’d give me a dressing down for the unhygienic mess before carrying on with their mission to make the car seat fit for a human once more.

The food and debris seeing daylight for the first time in a while included a once-tasty custard cream biscuit – now looking not so edible, as it was covered in Ralph’s hair.

The custard cream’s corners had eroded away and the crumbs were now littering the seat.

I suspect that the glue binding the biscuit and dog hair together, and sticking the left-over crumbs to the seat, had something to do with the shiny and sticky orange juice stain also present.

It was not just food and drink that was living in the dark underneath the car seat.

I also found the dummy that my youngest daughter Alyssa had flung across the car a few weeks ago. It will need a thorough clean before it can be used again, ditto the Biro that had left a small dent in the upholstery.

I was tempted to just put the car seat back where it belongs and try and convince my eyes that what I’d just witnessed was my imagination running away with itself and my car was actually the cleanest in the land.

But it really was a mess and the space was needed so it had to be cleaned right away.

Yet I’m still annoyed that a perfectly good custard cream went to waste.