Uni needs to take action on noise

Students party at the University of Portsmouth Carnage event in Guildhall Walk
Students party at the University of Portsmouth Carnage event in Guildhall Walk
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Being somewhere between juvenile and senile, I’m still quite boisterous and noisy – but I can’t stand noisy neighbours.

So I feel sorry for anyone, like my girliepal Suzette Sublime, who has had students rent the house next door.

Within days of them moving in, doors banged loudly and there was shouting and yelling.

And hey, doesn’t everyone, on returning home at 2am, put on loud, headbanging music?

Yes, of course she has complained, as have others in the street.

Vice-chancellor John Craven was quoted recently in The News about students’ anti-social behaviour, saying: ‘We realise that only a small minority are involved in this sort of behaviour, but the reputation of all students, and of the university itself, is damaged by their actions. We urge you to be considerate, both where you live and as you move across the city.’

That’s fine. But hopefully when the uni gets complaints it will take swift remedial action.

As for ‘moving across’ the city, why is it that students, especially in the vicinity of the uni and the Guildhall Walk area, have to walk four or more abreast across the pavement?

Surely these highly intelligent young people realise that other pedestrians cannot get past and have to walk into the road?

Last year, fed up of doing just that to pass groups of students, and watching others struggle, including old ladies with shopping trollies and mums with prams. I decided to take action.

I was walking behind five students spread across the pavement. So I marched up and said: ‘Excuse me please.’

Nothing. So in full ‘grumpy ol’ gal’ mode, I shouted at them: ‘MOVE!’

They were so shocked , they moved apart. It was like Moses parting the Red Sea, dear.

Myself, grinning, and Floozie (my shopping trolley) then sashayed through. But they weren’t very happy that their ‘right’ to hog the pavement had been challenged.

Folks, don’t walk into the road to pass students. Tell them to move instead.