Until there are cycle lanes everywhere, I won’t ride

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Emma Judd

I suspect we’re all a bit bored of that anyway, so here’s some light relief.

Today I want to wax lyrical about a sponsored bike ride I’m involved with.

I’ve mentioned it before, but as the team and I leave for York in the morning, I thought it was high time I mentioned it again.

It’s called York2Pompey and involves around 30 cyclists riding 300 miles from York City FC to Fratton Park.

Their aim? Firstly, to make it back without serious injury to their nether regions. Secondly, to raise £32,000 for local charities.

Until there are cycle lanes everywhere, I will remain firmly in the support vehicle

I’m on the support team, so my job will be handing out biscuits, painkillers and motivational speeches as and when required.

A lot of people have asked me why I’m not actually getting on a bike and doing it myself.

Well, my usual response is to say I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

But the real reason is a little different.

The last time I got on my bike, which I’ve left under a rotting cover in my back garden, I was terrified.

Terrified of having to weave in and out of traffic that, for the most part, seemed ignorant that I was a real person on a real bike, riding on a real road.

I’d take to the pavement, but I don’t think bikes should be on a pavement because that’s where pedestrians should be.

Safe to say, training for a ride such as York2Pompey would be out of the question if I’m already too terrified to brave Pompey traffic and get out there on the mean streets.

Perhaps I’m being silly. I see people on their bikes all the time, calmly riding their shoppers or road bikes around parked cars without seeming to care about the danger.

But until there are cycle lanes everywhere, I will remain firmly in the support vehicles for challenges such as this. This is how I can help.

So please donate at bigpompeyride.co.uk/donate. It would mean the world to us.