Urgent need for new players

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Steve Cotterill wants three players and he needs them sharpish.

His men have not performed recently but he has no way of changing things up and things are threatening to fall apart as a consequence.

Even Brighton had the luxury of making a number of changes for the game on Saturday – something Steve cannot afford to do.

It's clear there are players playing who need a rest and look to be running on empty.

Perhaps there are some players who need a kick up the backside and taking out of the equation but Steve doesn't have that option.

So it's a case of over to Mr Lampitt now, as Steve has indicated.

Perhaps the greater issue is, it's really over to Mr Chainrai.

No doubt we'll be going to clubs and seeing if they can pay towards players' wages if they come on loan.

But Steve is also looking at permanent signings, so funds will need releasing.

Is Mr Chainrai going to do that?