Use chocolate if you don’t get the Alternative Vote

ALTERNATIVE VOTE: Is Ed Miliband like a Walnut Whip?
ALTERNATIVE VOTE: Is Ed Miliband like a Walnut Whip?
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Idon’t think enough is being done to properly explain to us all how the Alternative Vote works.

We’ve been running the current system for hundreds of years and on May 5 we’ll get the chance to have a look at updating it.

But I know amongst my own group of friends, they don’t really understand it, or even care for that matter. Until they were told how it works.

Obviously, don’t listen to a politician’s view. Their view is only the view that will best suit them.

And don’t take any notice of the national newspapers either as they have political interests at heart too.

David Cameron doesn’t want it. Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg do.

The Conservatives are very happy with the ‘first past the post’ majority wins system. The others aren’t.

But it was only when it was explained to me and my friends in a way that we all understood it that I realised why it’s so important to have this Alternative Vote opportunity explained to us clearly.

Whether you want the status quo or AV, it’s important you know how it works!

And then the bright spark in the group explained how AV worked in a way we would all understand. In chocolate.

He said we would all receive a bar of the most popular chocolate.

We would vote between Mars, Snickers, Kit Kat, Bounty and a Walnut Whip.

But he asked us to vote for our three favourites, in order of preference, so I went for Snickers, Kit Kat, then Mars.

The result showed the group’s first choice, with 40 per cent of the vote, was the Mars bar.

However I was not happy. That meant 60 per cent of us didn’t have the Mars bar as our first choice and so the majority would end up getting what we didn’t want.

So he held a recount under the AV system as the winner would now need more than 50 per cent of the vote and in last place was the Walnut Whip.

With AV you take the two remaining favourite votes from the Walnut Whip, which gave Snickers 55 per cent and Mars 48 per cent.

Snickers won and more of us were happy.

I’m not saying Mr Miliband is a Walnut Whip. But you get the Drifter?