VERITY LUSH: Dopey hillwalkers – hang ’em high or tick them off?

It's all too easy for the trolls to attack you online
It's all too easy for the trolls to attack you online
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There has been a story in the news about four men who walked up Scafell Pike, smoked a fair amount of cannabis, and subsequently rendered themselves incapable of walking back down.

A rescue mission, the cost of which came to £1,000, brought the men to safety and people have been up in arms as to what punishment, if any, the folk in question deserve.

The men (at the time of writing) remain anonymous but apparently regret their actions and are somewhat embarrassed by their daftness.

They could have been seriously injured and their stupidity has cost society a grand.

However, people do worse things. Far worse things.

With the internet it is all too easy for others to comment in a staggeringly inappropriate manner.

You can end up with someone, hiding behind their mask of anonymity, calling for your execution just because they don’t like an innocuous opinion you may hold.

This is the kind of thing they would never threaten to your face – partly because of a lack of anonymity, but also because of being able to see, face to face, that you’re a pretty standard human being, kind to animals

and the elderly.

Because of this ability to post extreme, hyperbolic reaction, it becomes hard to take what could otherwise be valid points, seriously. You have to cut through the vitriol and tease out the actual opinion. Or, just stick to reading the intelligent comments, whether pro-punishment or pro-‘everyone makes mistakes’.

Perhaps it’s enough to declare the men as extremely silly, risking their own lives as well as those of their rescuers, and leave it there? Otherwise, where do we draw a line?

Do A&E departments stop treating people who have been injured in accidents that may have been their own fault? Do we refuse diabetes treatment for those whose weight and unhealthy habits have caused the disease?

Or, do we just admit we’re all human. We all make daft decisions.

We’re all sitting in glass houses with a pot of stones that we can choose to chuck, or choose to ignore.


London Road, North End, Portsmouth, once home to no less than a Marks & Spencer, the fabulous Verrecchia’s ice cream parlour, and a Woolworth’s, is now a decrepit shell of its former self.

There seems instead to be an inordinate number of betting shops, funeral directors, and pubs in which to drown your sorrows, as though the street is catering simply for sadness.

It’s about time the council did something in terms of regeneration here.

Commercial Road is heading the same way.

The Tricorn may have gone, but the embarrassing entrances and gateways to our city have not.

Visitors driving into the city, usually in search of Gunwharf, must wonder what on earth they are letting themselves in for.


I am all for local businesses and one of Portsmouth’s own has recently been nominated for the 2018 Running Awards.

Runr, a clothing brand founded here in Portsmouth and stocked mainly online (and also at Alexandra Sports), is a little gem for those scampering enthusiasts among us.

From high quality hoodies to ‘runr’ embellished wine glasses, you can – as the company says – be proud to be a runner.

The UK is woefully short of independent running-based apparel companies, whereas the USA and Australia practically over-runneth (unintended!) with trail trucker hats, sweatshirts, tanks and running-themed giftage.

With Christmas coming, if there’s a runner in your life, you need bother with the customs duty no longer.

Finally, there is a home-grown alternative.