Victorious trumps birthday with Nunks and Tazzy. Sorry

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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I’d like to say a very happy birthday to my Uncle Nigel and Auntie Sharon who both have celebrated birthdays this week.

Unfortunately I’m unable to celebrate with them this weekend because I’m at the Victorious festival (see you there?) so am hoping this sneaky mention for all of Portsmouth to read will make up for it.

They’re a true inspiration to me. Like Matt and I, they’re childhood sweethearts and have been together since school and they’re still so lovey dovey.

I hope we’re still cuddling and having fun like they do when we’re that age (not that they’re old, just, you know, older).

Happy birthday Nunks and Tazzy and please pardon this one exception to the family birthday rule of attendance.