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Last Sunday I met a lively lady on the promenade who was on her first visit to Southsea.

Walking from South Parade Pier to the bandstand, she marvelled at the views of the Isle of Wight, the forts and the vast array of boats and ships.

Once at the bandstand she was fascinated with the location and the volume of people arriving with all their picnic paraphernalia.

With Southsea Castle to the left of her and the Spinnaker Tower to her right, she was in total awe of what we take for granted.

Four miles of seafront with panoramic sea views.

Folks, I got completely caught up in her enthusiasm for our seafront.

For a moment I forgot the crumbling pier, the dodgy public lavs and those Pesky Pedal People.

Looking through her ‘inner city’ eyes, Southsea is simply ab fab, darlings.