Voice of true fans can roar team on to vital victory

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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Let us hope that, for Pompey, the darkest hour really does come just before dawn. For right now, the storm clouds over Fratton Park have darkened still more with the assessment that Pompey are responsible for the debt to creditors which previously rested with a company run by former owner Balram Chainrai.

We already know that, although Pompey continue to trade normally despite the parent company CSI International having gone into administration, time is not on the club’s side.

Administrator Andrew Andronikou has already warned that Pompey, one of a number of CSI subsidiaries, probably only have enough cash to keep going until February.

Hence the need for an urgent injection of funds, most likely achieved by finding a new buyer.

The need to start making debt repayments next April can hardly help in the efforts to attract a saviour to the club.

But hope springs eternal. We have been here before and have survived.

Despite all the off-the-field uncertainty, new manager Michael Appleton has, in a quiet yet inspiring way, already made his mark.

He has seven points from four games and, with two successive wins under their belts, Pompey are the form team as they go into Sunday’s derby clash with table-topping Southampton.

That match at Fratton Park will provide a welcome if temporary distraction from the continued threat to the club’s very existence.

And a good win against the south coast rivals, coupled with another demonstration of supporter passion, might just tilt the balance in the eyes of a would-be buyer.

For that reason we hope that, the inevitable banter aside, hate-filled venom will not fill the air at Fratton Park.

Better surely to positively support Pompey than to concentrate on ignorant abuse of the opposition.

True Pompey fans are bigger than that – far, far bigger. Let their voices ring loudest on Sunday and help drive the team towards what could be a vital victory in more ways than one. Play up Pompey!