Vote means we can decide how our money is used too

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Hurrah for independence!

Excavate Offa’s Dyke! Change the name of Hadrian’s Wall to Salmond’s Wall and put his statue up at either end!


Because finally the people of England will be free to make their own decisions without the interference of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Hang on, what? That’s not what the Scottish referendum was about.

Well no, it wasn’t. It was about a nation that was sick of Westminster making decisions that affected them, an entirely different country, formed when the Romans couldn’t beat the excellently-warlike Picti and the Welsh and decreed Mercia – that’s most of England to you and I – would rule all.

We’ve never been able to leap Offa’s Dyke or tear down Hadrian’s Wall and re-unify.

Perhaps the differences between the nations are too great to be reconciled. It astonishes me sometimes that Cornwall hasn’t voted for independence, if only to make it illegal to put the cream on a scone before the jam.

I’m ecstatic the Scots voted to stay in the UK.

To be fair, I could have lived with a ban on bagpipes and Scotch and never in a million years was shipbuilding going to come back to Portsmouth.

Of course for the Scots it was a question of head versus heart. Yes, it might be better for the long-term sustainable future of Scotland to remain in the union, but wouldn’t it be lovely to be finally free of the Westminster stiffs who decide what money goes where north of the border?

Yes, and David Cameron has made a promise to give Scotland the power to decide just that.

On Friday, following the no vote, he also promised to answer the West Lothian question: why MPs from Scotland and Wales are allowed to decree where money gets spent in England.

For too long we’ve watched as Scotland and Wales joyfully introduced schemes like free prescriptions, or free university tuition for example. But now the prime minister has promised that we, too, will get to decide how our money is used.

Thank you Alex Salmond – give that man a knighthood.