Vultures are there for a very good reason

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for this tragedy

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So more than 100 drivers a day have been caught out by the speed cameras watching over Portsmouth’s M275.

Well, they can’t say they weren’t warned.

It’s not as if the cameras suddenly appeared overnight, hidden behind trees or cunningly camouflaged.

We’d already revealed they were on the way in a front page story and, when they were erected above the motorway into Portsmouth in January, the ‘yellow vulture’ average speed cameras were difficult to miss.

So why have so many people still fallen foul of the cameras since enforcement began on March 1?

Carelessness, or a refusal to accept that they are supposed to be slowing down during construction work.

Because that is why the cameras have been installed – to protect those working on the £28m Tipner interchange project.

This isn’t some cynical money-making exercise, whatever some might have you believe.

No, it’s about safety and an understandable requirement of the Department for Transport whenever people are working on motorways.

Would you fancy trying to do your job with cars hammering close by at high speed?

As Inspector Martin Goodall from Hampshire Roads Policing Unit explains: ‘These average speed cameras have been installed to protect construction workers and ensure the safety of all road users passing through this section of the M275.

‘The system is not designed to make money – its purpose is to save lives and prevent injuries. Police do not want anyone to be caught by the cameras, and would rather motorists just slow down.’

So there you have it.

Yes, the cameras might be frustrating and could be there until spring next year.

But they are there for a good reason.

So just slow down, obey the speed limits and there’ll be absolutely no need to worry.

But selfishly ignore them and you could end up with a £60 fine, three points on your licence – and no sympathy.