Vultures circle to try to get a share of Prince’s millions

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Celebrities have been dropping like flies recently – and if they’re rich, you can bet there will be people crawling out of the woodwork and making a grab for some of their cash.

Take Prince, for example. Apparently there are hundreds of people out there who are claiming to be related to him and therefore entitled to some of his estate.

Funny how these leeches are never bothered when the celebrities are alive

I bet the phone of investigators at Heir Hunters International – which specialises in genealogical research and finding heirs across the globe – hasn’t stopped ringing.

No doubt the vultures started circling Prince before he’d even said hello to St Peter at the pearly gates.

Some of the back stories people have used include beauties like ‘we lived in the same area, so we must be related’.

Or they’ve produced a photo from some party, with the celebrity stood in the background, as supposed proof that they were related!

Crazy, I know. I’ve got many pictures of female celebs, often taken with a long lens (that’s another story.), but it doesn’t mean we’re related.

I also passed within a few feet of Gary Barlow a few years back. So I guess when his time is up, I’ll put in my claim on his money.

I’d be happy with a few million really, I’m not greedy.

Funny how these leeches are never bothered when the celebrities are alive. I hope they get nothing.

If they tried to make contact but were given the cold shoulder, then that’s fair enough.

I mean, what did they really expect?

I know the dead are never going to know who’s driving around in a flash sports car and putting $100 bills into the G-strings of young lapdancers on the back of their success.

But I’m sure they would rather it was someone they actually knew or liked than a complete stranger.

It happens all the time with the rich and famous.

But I can’t say I’ve ever come across this kind of scenario in real life.

I suppose a few quid in a savings account, an old vase and a dusty painting that’s been in the loft for years are hardly worth fighting about.

Now $300m though...


Well, the three-day summer we enjoyed was good while it lasted.

But the sun wasn’t the only thing out.

It was also the 10th anniversary of World Naked Gardening Day.

There really is a day for everything now.

When can we celebrate National ‘Normal Day’ Day?

I’m sure the neighbourhood watch curtain-twitchers were polishing their binoculars when they heard about the naked gardening.

Luckily the Smith household is not overlooked by neighbours, so we dug over the border and sorted out the tomatoes without any problems.

However, the police caution I received after visiting the local garden centre was not so good...


Our eldest has just finished doing their SATs.

There’s been a lot of criticism from parents and teachers alike about the current system, with a lot of people calling for SATs to be scrapped altogether.

I think there’s a fine line that needs to be drawn here.

Testing has its place. Our kids need to be tested.

I’m sure people would be shouting if all they did all day was finger painting and benchball.

On the other hand, for whatever reason, there does seem to be a lot of pressure on schoolkids these days.

Don’t believe me? Look at Japan, where children are worked to the bone and teenage suicide rates are among the highest in the world.

Food for thought there, I reckon.