Wake up and grab the day’s potential

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Eighteen-year-old SAM POOLE goes to Highbury College and lives at Eastney, Portsmouth. Follow him on Twitter 

It can be an opportunity to approach a day optimistically. On the other hand, it can interrupt a great dream.

It may lead us to feel fresh, although I know for some they feel sluggish.

What am I talking about? Waking up.

What’s on your mind the moment you wake up? What attitudes do you have towards the day ahead?

Also, what motivates you to leap out of bed ready to ‘rock and roll’?

It’s amazing how opinions towards waking can be so varied. To be honest, I’m an awful morning person.

However, once my body has brightened up and I feel fairly presentable, I’m buzzing to begin the day.

We may have a structure to our day and an idea about what we’re going to do, but we can never predict who we’ll meet and what could happen.

Knowing that I’m off to study towards my career is fantastic. I really enjoy meeting new people and through my work I’ll have ample opportunity to do so.

I asked someone what gives them the enthusiasm to get out of bed each day and felt prompted to include them in this week’s column.

Nathan Hartley, a University of Portsmouth student, says: ‘The appreciation that each new day is unique and precious… it drives my enthusiasm to wake up and appreciate life’.

This really emphasises how fortunate people are to be in the position of having things many individuals in the world don’t have.

I guess many of us take for granted the real gift life can be.

The fact that we are alive, breathing and have so much ahead of us is exciting.

I’ve known numerous young people who detest waking up each morning; they feel as if they have nothing important to wake up for.

But we do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a very successful student, or you have no qualifications at all, everyone has potential.

When you wake up, get out of bed, grab that potential with both hands and be positive about your day ahead.