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We’ve scored another success in our regular Where Are They Now? feature. It was revealed in a kind email from Mrs Joan Waterman of Kent.

She had previously written to us to say that her mother Mrs Joan Mitchell used to stay in Portsmouth 60 years ago with a lady she knew as ‘Nana’ Hedgecock.

‘Nana’ gave Joan a roof over her head as she waited for her husband Alex Mitchell, who served in the Royal Navy, to return from his draft.

Mrs Waterman said that her mother would dearly love to make contact with any members of the Hedgecock family.

We published her details in the Where Are They Now? column, which appears in The News on Saturdays and is also published on our website portsmouth.co.uk.

As is regularly the case, it was perhaps a long shot, but as has happened so often in the past, it came up trumps.

Mrs Waterman’s follow-up email to us said: ‘I would like to thank you for printing my letter in your newspaper; we have heard from a relative of the Hedgecock family and my mother is very delighted.’

It’s great to hear of another success. If you want to trace someone with whom you have lost touch, email the details – including your contact information, which will be published – to letters@thenews.co.uk.

It’s a free service but bear in mind that the amount of interest means that there can sometimes be a delay in publication.