War veterans deserve so much more than this...

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It seems obvious. You risk your life fighting in two separate wars for your country. You give up 23 years of your life in service.

It doesn’t seem too much to ask to get some help to find a home. But there’s none available.

And that’s the terrible problem facing former soldier Mark Hampson and his family.

He left the army a year ago but only now has he realised he will lose his forces home of 18 years.

And to make matters worse, when he did try to help himself by registering for a housing association with Chichester District Council, he found himself ranked C on a scale of A to D – hardly reassuring.

All this on the back of a pledge by the Prime Minister of the formation of a ‘heroes’ committee’ to give service personnel the support they need when leaving the forces.

It beggars belief that a man who’s given so much could be facing this heartbreaking situation.

Yes of course, there are deserving cases for housing from all walks of life, but how the Hampson family can find themselves only days from homelessness is shocking and very disappointing.

The MoD must shoulder some of the responsibility.

As it says in its statement, the house is needed to be the home of a serving soldier.

But for Mr Hampson to be left in the lurch like this is simply not good enough.

And while Chichester District Council says it has ‘officers who will offer advice’, surely that’s something that should have happened long before it got to this point.

Now there are nine days for this situation to be resolved satisfactorily.

All we can hope is that in those coming days, the people that can make a difference, from the MoD down, get their heads together and find a solution that will give Mr Hampson and his family the reassurance – and home – they deserve.