WARREN HAYDEN: Beaten by my daughter '“ oh, the shame

A recent school inset day meant I woke up to my two daughters looking at me with anticipation in their eyes.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 6:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 12:17 pm

They both asked their mum and me the question we knew was coming, ‘what are we doing today mum and dad?’

I didn’t really fancy a day inside and neither did they, but with rain forecast I had to give it some thought.

We could go to the park. But we always do that and if it does rain the slide and swings will involve getting very wet.

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We could go to the cinema, I pondered. But we did that a few weeks ago to see the brilliant Trolls and there was nothing new on we were that much interested in seeing.

So what were this dad and mum to do with two daughters bursting with energy that needed to be used?

I had the answer. Bowling. I’d not been for years and it was something different.

I used to enjoy it as a child because you never know who is going to win and the kids stand just as much chance of coming out victorious than the grown-ups.

So we got ready, jumped in the car and made our way to the Bowlplex at Gunwharf Quays. It cost the four of us £21.49 for one game.

I remember in the past having to wear those black and red striped bowling shoes, apparently to protect the floor and to stop the bowler slipping.

I never much liked wearing these so I was pleasantly surprised to be told that customers are now allowed to wear their own shoes.

With children, this saved a lot of precious time.

I did wonder if this would mean we would be slipping all over the place and when we released the ball from our fingers, we’d be following it towards the pins. But, our own shoes and trainers did the job perfectly.

We started the game and it was looking good as I scored a strike and took an early lead, but remember I said I like bowling because anyone could win?

Well, a few embarrassing shots from me meant I dropped a place down the leader board as seven-year-old Caitlin overtook me with some impressive bowling and took her rightful place at the top, where she stayed to the end.

This 32-year-old man was beaten by his seven-year-old daughter. I’m calling it beginner’s luck, but we can’t wait to return.

For now, Caitlin likes to keep reminding me, her mum, her sister and the entire family that she won.

To be fair, if it had been me I’d be doing the same.


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