Warren Park service will give thanks for brave St Clare of Assisi

Rev Jonathan Jeffery and his congregation will be celebrating the life of St Clare of Assisi
Rev Jonathan Jeffery and his congregation will be celebrating the life of St Clare of Assisi
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AS a church, we are in the mood to celebrate.

The church in Warren Park is dedicated to St Clare of Assisi who lived in the 12th Century in Italy.

She was a friend and follower of St Francis, and in her turn, she founded a community for women who devoted themselves to prayer and support of others.

Most famously, she stood alone against an army that was besieging her town and turned them away by the force of her will.

Her Saint’s Day is August 11 and we are celebrating with two special events.

On Sunday, the church family of St Clare, Warren Park, is joining with its neighbours of St Francis, Leigh Park, to celebrate St Clare’s Sunday.

We will have a service together at 10am and then a party – a picnic if the weather is good.

Then, on Clare’s Feast Day, there will be a service at midday where we will be joined by a local group of Christians who follow a Rule of Life based on that of Francis and Clare, whilst continuing their normal lives.

Both celebrations will be joyful, prayerful and based on the principles of St Clare’s own life of praise and service.

The church dedicated to St Clare in Warren Park continues to pray regularly for its community, and to offer worship to God.

Through the use of its community hall for local groups, ranging from a pre-school, dance group, keep fit and table tennis, and through the lives of the church family our community is well served.

Just as St Clare stood up for her town all those years ago, so the modern day St Clare’s stands up for Warren Park looking to support people across the estate and help them to make more sense of their lives and the world.

Regular services are held on a Sunday morning.

The community hall is available for parties and events.

St Clare’s Church, St Clare’s Avenue, Warren Park, Havant, PO9 4JX

Go to stfrancisleighpark.org.uk.