Was that Beyonce on a bus to Glasto and U2 on the train?

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Beyonce, U2 and Coldplay – your benchmark has been set.

Considering the Foo Fighters managed to get to the Isle of Wight festival by public transport, I can’t see why you lot can’t do the same.

The queen of pop and the mega bands will be heading to Glastonbury for this weekend’s music festival and I think it would be jolly nice if they could follow the event’s eco philosophies by shunning chopper rides into the site.

I’d love to see Beyonce and her entourage hitch a ride on the National Express from London to Somerset.

I want to see her wobble up the aisle as she attempts to get to the loo, fight over the arm rest with a stranger and attempt to get comfy in the scratchy, oddly-positioned, chairs.

Come on lady, no excuses.