Wasting millions on weekly bin collections is a crime

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

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Life is often one big jumble of things it would be very tempting and easy to moan about.

For a lot of us, the minor frustrations involved in trekking to work and back can often feel like a bit of an ordeal.

Well it can if your day involves going anywhere near the A32.

But there are some things that just aren’t worth whingeing about.

It’s just a shame no-one told Eric Pickles that before he opened his cake-hole to sound off about bin collections.

The local government secretary has announced that a staggering £250m will be used to help councils get back to emptying bins once a week.

At the moment, many operate collections on an alternating basis – with recycling one week and non-recycling the next.

Unless you’re one of the stars of 15 Kids and Counting, or take no responsibility for the amount of waste your household creates, you can have no excuse for feeling hard done by that.

Yes, it’s annoying if you forget to put your bin out when it’s already full of the mess we humans make just by existing on this planet that we’re rapidly destroying.

But as far as annoyances go, it’s really not up there with war, famine or civil unrest.

Chucking cash at this issue is the real crime because we really need to tackle the root cause of the problem – why we throw so much stuff away in the first place.

Why can’t we question how much rubbish we generate and then deal with that, instead of expecting someone else to get their hands dirty?

If you heard Mr Pickles making his announcement though you’d be forgiven for thinking that this kind of stuff was the issue of the day.

With a series of shockingly poor sound bites (‘bin-o-crats’, ‘town hall talibin’) he tried to insist that coping with a few rules was harder than cracking a Rubik’s cube. What a load of rubbish.

The very fact that he’s been banging on about this since 2008 – and has chosen to make this issue his pet hobby horse above others – makes me think he’s got too much time on his hands and not enough imagination to spot what the real problems are.