Watch out Kim, you’ve got some sibling rivals in town

CAP: Verity Lush was anxious and embarrassed about going for an intimate MRI scan - but now has to go through it all again!

VERITY LUSH: Oh, the indignity of an x-ray toilet

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Kim, you’d better watch out because there are two new members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan now on the scene.

Her younger sisters, Kendal and Kylie, certainly look like they’re stealing much of Kim’s limelight.

Once considered the younger, geeky sisters, they have become big in 2012. They continue to use Twitter to post about their lavish lifestyle and upload pictures of generous ‘gifts’ they’ve received from designers and companies eager to be endorsed by these two beauties.

I wonder what Kim makes of it all? Will the old sibling rivalry now rear its ugly head? It must be hard for her to see them take the glory. Ah well, it’s downhill all the way after you hit 30. That’s it for me then!