Watch out world, I’m all set to appear on YouTube

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Cheryl Gibbs

I mentioned a few weeks ago about developing a YouTube channel with the idea of me presenting regular videos on a variety of different subjects.

But it isn’t something I’m willing to just ‘do’. So many people put vlogs out there and that’s absolutely fine and for so many it works for them.

But for me, perhaps because I come from a professional background within the media, it’s important that I don’t put videos out there that I’ll end up regretting.

Why? Because I know they’ll come back to haunt me one day.

It’s weird really, because I have absolutely no problem putting myself out there for all of you guys.

It’s important that I don’t put videos out there that I’ll end up regretting

I mean, it’s not like I hold back is it? You all know pretty much everything there is to know about me and I have no problem with that.

I used to be just like this on the radio (where I was known as Gobby Gibbs) and it’s absolutely transferred to my weekly column.

But for some reason the thought of doing this from a video perspective is a little scary and I don’t know why.

Perhaps it’s because, despite some of their enormous successes, some vloggers are still frowned upon within the industry.

At the end of the day anyone can vlog and I guess there’s still that feeling that videos should be left to the pros.

Or maybe there’s another, deeper reason why I haven’t started up a channel until now.

Whatever, I’m going to take the plunge. In fact this week I went to YouTube’s HQ in London, which was an amazing experience. All will be revealed soon, but needless to say I couldn’t help but take a few selfies (#shameless)!

I’ve also been at Sky News this week, working in the digital newsroom.

Of course it’s been Budget week hasn’t it, so it’s been manic.

But I can’t deny that I love working in a fast-paced, hectic newsroom – because it takes me right back to my journalistic roots.