Watching other people playing video games is as lazy as it gets

COMMENT: Attraction will capitalise on the riches in our midst

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Amazon has bought a video game streaming service which allows people to watch other people playing video games online.

Doesn’t this make you think just how much lazier can we become as people?

Instead of playing actual sports and games, we started playing them on video games instead.

And now we’re apparently so lazy that we can’t even summon up the effort to play video games ourselves. We have to watch someone else play them instead!

We really are beyond hope, aren’t we...!?

n There’s one thing that surprises me about holiday hotels. Bearing in mind that hotels are supposed to make your holiday a fun, exciting experience, why are hotel corridors so incredibly dull?

They’re just like rat-runs aren’t they? There’s no crazy artwork on the walls, no bright colours, no pretty things to attract you.

They’re just amazingly dull. They’re worse than the corridors you have in office blocks. At least they usually have the occasional vending machine to brighten things up.

The only fun you can have in hotel corridors is nicking little bits off the chambermaid’s trolley when she’s re-stocking the rooms.

And you shouldn’t have to break the law to be able to have fun!

n New research suggests that consumers are losing more than £400 a year because they don’t understand financial terms and conditions.

But I can’t help thinking we’re doing the right thing by not finding out more. Here’s why.

To be able to read the small print on financial documents, we’d probably all need really powerful glasses, costing hundreds of pounds, or laser surgery on our eyes which would cost thousands.

Then we’d have to fork out another couple of hundred quid for some sort of personal finance course, or evening class, in order to learn how to understand what’s written in the small print too.

On the whole, it’ll save us more money being ignorant, surely?