Watching sport on the telly always inspires me to try it

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I had the pleasure of having a world champion on my show this week. After the nail-biting BDO World Darts Championship on Sunday night, local boy Scott ‘Scotty Dog’ Mitchell came through as the winner.

To the strains of the Baha Men’s hit Who Let The Dogs Out, we initially spoke about how his life had changed in the previous few days.

It was fascinating to discover that he also spent some time last year teaching none other than Hollywood A-lister Johnny Depp how to throw some darts properly.

Can you believe that with just three darts, Johnny hit two 25s whilst aiming for the bull?

What a top bloke Scotty is. He lives in Bransgore, just north of Christchurch, where he works as a part-time landscape gardener and lives on a farm.

With his winnings, he said he’s going to buy some farm equipment.

Listeners joked we should play him the Wurzels and I’ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester to celebrate the victory.

But the world of darts, like snooker, is not as rosy as it once was in the ’70s and ’80s.

Many players are not household names like Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson and John Lowe et al.

In the early ’90s, the sport split. Players felt they weren’t getting a fair share of the spoils and so they went off and formed their own league, the PDC, supported by Sky Sports.

This is where Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor and the like play their darts. They no longer appear on the BDO circuit.

Then again, I’m sure The Power doesn’t feel this is a bad thing, as his winnings alone add up to £6m!

It’s funny how watching sport on the telly always inspires me to try it.

I only play tennis once a year, in June. Cycling is in July and I was once thrown out of the Gosport Ice Rink for trying to take up curling.

I’ve bought some new ‘arrows’ now, so I’ll take this opportunity to warn the regulars at the Village Home in Alverstoke to add some more cork matting to the side of their darts board.

Be very careful. Because Rick ‘Just Hit The Board’ Jackson is back.