Watching this show makes me feel so uncomfortable

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I’ve come across a show on Channel Four which is making me feel very uncomfortable.

It’s called Secret Eaters and features individuals who can’t understand why they put on weight.

They are filmed before the big reveal, showing them how much they really do eat, how unhealthy it is and how they are pulling the wool over their own eyes.

For example, everyone on it believes that they only eat around 1,500 calories a day when in fact they’re stuffing in a whopping 3,500.

The problem I have with the show is that it could be me on there. Since giving up smoking, I have piled on the weight.

I keep telling myself I can’t understand why. But this show has whacked me in the face with a great slab of cheddar and told me to wake up and smell the coffee with all those sugars heaped into it. I do know why, I just don’t want to admit the facts.

I’m a secret eater, except that it’s not that secret to anyone else in the family. Every time I open the fridge, one or other of the children automatically asks me if I am in the cheese again.

But my worse sin is when I bake to save money.

‘You just love cookie dough don’t you mum?’ my bowl-scraping daughter always asks. But I can’t answer her as my mouth is stuffed full of uncooked delight, making sure I get my fair share before I hand the bowl over.

It wouldn’t be scrapings for her if there was more than a thin film left.

The denouement in Secret Eaters, when they show what people actually eat against what they think they eat, is done by a team who spring out from behind a fake café wall and shock the individuals into tears before putting their lives back together.

None of it’s revolutionary. I think we all know the major principles of weight loss – eat less and do more. But seeing it on screen helps to focus the mind.

Which is why I now make time to sit down and cheer on the individuals. Yep, that’s me, sitting there each week with a can of cider in one hand and a jumbo share bag of crisps all for myself balanced on my belly, nodding sagely and agreeing that I have just the same problem.

But at least it’s out in the open, right?