Wave of nostalgia for Pyramids’ pool

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I was so pleased to see the Pyramids centre at Southsea has re-opened.

I realise this is one of the most controversial buildings in the city. If you don’t believe me just have a look at portsmouth.co.uk and scroll down to the bottom of the page on any story about the Pyramids and you’ll find very strong opinions being put forward in the comments section for and against the leisure complex.

It seems that for some, if the building just disappeared into thin air, tears would not be shed.

But for me the Pyramids holds some very happy memories of my childhood.

Most Saturdays would be spent there with friends where we’d queue up the white spiral staircase to race each other on the blue and green flumes, although everyone knew if you went on the blue flume you’d always get to bottom first and win the battle.

But of course the most popular was the snake flume (I think officially it was called The Sidewinder) which would always involve a longer queue, but would be well worth the wait for the faster and more thrilling ride.

Then, when the loud klaxon sounded, we’d rush to the main pool to enjoy the huge waves that were about to start.

Soon after we would jump out of the pool with our swimming shorts dripping wet and head for the pool restaurant for a bite to eat, usually burgers and chips.

After gobbling down the food and a fizzy drink we’d be back in the water and queuing for the rides all over again until closing time.

In February this year I took my two daughters to the Pyramids for the first time.

It felt like I had gone back in time, almost nothing had changed.

The klaxon still sounded to signal the wave machine was about to be fired into action and you still won the race if you chose the blue flume over the green one.

Sadly, for some reason, the thrilling snake flume was closed that day, but that didn’t stop my daughters having fun and on the way out they asked if we could go back.

But then, just days later, flooding damaged equipment and ruined the venue’s electricity supply causing the complex to close its doors. All this left me wondering if that would be the nail in the coffin for the troubled Pyramids.

All summer my daughters asked me when we’ll be visiting again which is why I was pleased when I read in The News the centre was open again.

We’ll soon be visiting to check out the refurbishment and I hope this place that holds so many great memories for me is back for good to provide fun for a new generation of Portsmouth children and, of course, their parents.