Way too many mojitos gave me a monstrous hangover

This undated handout photo released by Channel 5 and taken in an unknown location shows Jedward - John and Edward Grimes, contestants in the 'Celebrity - Big Brother 2011' which commences at Elstree Studios, in London, Thursday, Aug 18, 2011. (AP Photo / Channel 5, Jon Cogill) EDITORIAL USE ONLY ENGSUS00320130923093053

I like to think of myself as a bit of a social bird.

Although I’m approaching the ripe old age of 35 this year (yuk – half-way to 40), I’ve always been one of those people who, despite being in a long-term relationship, have never forgotten my friends and family and am always the first to RSVP to a night out.

But over the past year this hasn’t been the case.

I think it’s a combination of my sister having a baby and therefore being unable to drink (obviously I shall blame her and not myself) and the fact that pennies have been tight given that we moved to our new pad in Clanfield.

Or perhaps it’s just the age-old excuse of, er, old age.

So when my sister organised a night out to wet the baby’s head (yes, women do this too – why let the guys have all the fun?) I was like a schoolkid.

I was so excited I started getting ready two hours before we were due to go out.

This was made slightly more difficult by the fact I was babysitting my sister’s daughter all day (apparently 11-week-old babies don’t understand that getting ready is a process).

But nonetheless I was determined to look my best.

Unfortunately my excitement meant that I was on a bit of a mission to party, drank way too many mojitos and danced like I thought I was Rihanna.

I also rambled on about God knows what to anyone who was prepared to listen.

I then spent Sunday and Monday nursing the most monstrous hangover.

Honestly, I felt like a 19-year-old who can’t handle her drink, it was pathetic.

There were loads of us who went out, my mother and aunt included.

It really was one of those nights that make you remember why you used to put up with those really bad hangovers in the first place.

Perhaps being nearly middle-aged (good grief, what a thought) means that I just can’t handle it any more.

Perhaps deep down that’s why I’ve not partied properly over the past year.

Still, I made up for that in just one night. Never again…well, until next time at least!


Jedward are in the Celebrity Big Brother house and I have to admit it’s all feeling rather bizarre to be honest.

The Irish duo’s antics are, well, strange and a little awkward to watch.

I’ve heard that twins share a unique and special bond (Beyonce and Jay Z, listen up).

But to me, the way these brothers behave is really quite odd.

I can’t work out if they’re acting completely naturally and just have a special bond that no-one else in the world understands, or are just plain weird.

As an example, this week they were filmed during the show helping each other have a wash in the bath.

Fellow celebrities in the house keep telling them to ‘grow up’. They’re 25...


Wow, I can’t believe it – Beyonce and Jay Z have just announced that they are expecting twins.

I’m shocked, not least because there really hasn’t been any whispering or rumours over the past few months that she’s been concealing a bump.

And my, what a fantastic bump it is!

She’s enormous – but of course she would be, as she’s carrying not one but two little things.

The power couple already have daughter Blue Ivy, who is five, so no doubt she’ll be pleased at becoming a big sister.

Usually I’m pretty good with my showbiz predictions, but I really did not see this one coming.

Still, it’s good news and I send my congratulations to Mr and Mrs Carter.

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