We all have a part to play in cutting down on crashes

Zella was hoping for a few fallen trees
Zella was hoping for a few fallen trees
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The A32 in Gosport and Fareham has long had an unenviable record for traffic jams. But today we reveal how it, along with the A3 between Horndean and Waterlooville, is also a route where crashes happen all too often.

Between the two roads, there were 63 collisions involving injury between August 2014 and July 2015.

So we’re pleased to see that police are to target these dangerous stretches, along with the A27 at Portsmouth through to Swanwick.

As part of the operation, officers will routinely visit these roads in a bid to cut the number of injuries to pedstrians, drivers and cyclists.

If people are driving sensibly and responsibly, then they will have nothing to fear. But the police will stop and prosecute anybody they see using a mobile phone while behind the wheel, driving over the speed limit or without due care and attention.

Some may say it’s unfair that motorists on these roads in particular are going to be under scrutiny. But if it helps to reduce accident figures, then it has to be worthwhile.

And this isn’t a case of the A32 and A3 being ‘picked on’. They were highlighted in data analysis as road blackspots.

As Sgt David Sanderson, of Havant Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘This is not about pursuing people – this is about reducing casualties.’

We all have a part to play in cutting the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on our roads, wherever they may be.

The most common factor in accidents has been failure to judge another person’s path or speed and failure to look properly.

So please watch how fast you’re going, don’t use your mobile when driving, be alert and respect other road users.

Because if you don’t, the police will be watching.