We all have routines for when we’re home alone...

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My wife is always telling me to turn 
the telly down

Like most men and women we can never agree on a suitable temperature, Lou likes it on maximum warmth at 24 degrees and I prefer 18 degrees.

This got me thinking about the first thing I do when my wife is away from home.

I normally turn the heating thermostat down a little and then settle in for an evening of blokey TV with the volume turned up nice and loud.

My wife is always telling me to turn 
the telly down so it’s nice to turn it up at will.

I would also eat my evening meal sitting on the sofa in front of the television.

My wife is a bit strict and she demands dinners are eaten in the dining room sitting at the table.

I have also been known when alone in the house to allow Daisy the terrier dog to sleep upstairs on the bed with me, as normally she sleeps in her basket downstairs at night – but when home alone I enjoy secretly changing the routine.

Lou: Thankfully Robin, who has been covering for Jez this week and keeping me company in the mornings on the show, is very co-operative when it comes to heating.

He’s even offered to turn the heat up a few times – I’m very impressed!

When my boyfriend is away I love going to bed super early and snuggling up with a good book.

When he’s around he always trying to talk, which is lovely in a way, but totally useless if you’re trying to concentrate and get into a story.

I do like being able to watch whatever I fancy on TV, and quite often I end up recording stuff and watching it back the next day when he’s not around.

I also make lots of lovely veggie meals and don’t have to worry about trying to cook meat for my carnivorous boyfriend!

I know when I’m away the first thing he does is go to KFC, and stretch out along the entire length of the sofa.