We can all learn a little from star Ebonie’s win

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Hard work pays off. It’s a maxim often heard but one that’s much more difficult to act upon.

And to succeed at the highest level in any field, that hard work has to be backed by a drive to win.

It’s obvious that newly-crowned European boxing champion Ebonie Jones has no problem living up to those words.

The inspirational 16-year-old – who was named The News Young Sportswoman of the Year at this year’s Sports Awards – scooped gold after winning a three-round fight at the competition in Italy.

But those minutes in the ring are just the end result of months and months and years and years of self-discipline.

Every early start, every run on a rainy day, every training session all played a part in making her the star she is today.

It’s exactly the same drive that we can see on the faces of competitors at the Commonwealth Games.

The pride in being there centre-stage representing their country, but at the same time the knowledge that much of the hard work’s been done long before arriving in Glasgow.

As Ebonie’s coach Colin Williams tells The News today: ‘Ebonie has got tunnel vision – she knows where she wants to go.’

And that really is a lesson worth learning.

For it may not be sport that you want to succeed or excel at but everybody has passion for something in their lives.

So learning just a little from Ebonie’s efforts – and those of the Commonwealth competitors – could help those goals suddenly seem a little more achievable.

Very little in this life comes easily, so making that extra bit of effort could be the thing that makes all the difference.

And as for Ebonie, we look forward to cheering her on to gold at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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