We clapped and cheered like we were at Cirque du Soleil

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I don’t know about you, but the weekends for me are all about spending time with my fiance Matt and my family and friends.

With so little time during the week (I really am one of those types who don’t really socialise Monday to Thursday and I’m not happy unless I’m in my PJs by 7pm), Saturdays and Sundays are all about ‘my people.’

Last Sunday was particularly eventful. Having replied to my sister Jo’s invite for a roast dinner literally within 25 seconds – and I was still beaten by my mum, dad and other sister, Michelle – we all congregated round hers for the afternoon.

We’d been told dinner would be at 5.30pm, which I knew wouldn’t happen (it was actually served at 7pm).

I arrived with Matt about 4.30pm. I’m always the first to arrive and the last one to leave, but I love it – there’s nothing like spending time with the family.

Matt often describes us as being like the Mafia, minus the gangster-esque habits, or like the Reagans (from US TV series Blue Bloods).

I love nothing more than chilling out, chatting and have a few drinks.

But what surprised me was what followed dinner.

Having been given a personal invitation by my niece Hollie to her ‘show’, which would take place post-roast dinner, my whole family had to queue outside the lounge, invitations in hand (to be checked by Lewie, my nephew).

They had laid my sister’s brand new couch cushions on the floor in order of guests’ importance.

I was in row two, so not quite as important as my dad who was in the front row, but more significant than their mum and dad who was behind me - haha, it pays to be a cool aunty you know).

Hollie had laid out bowls of popcorn and Cheddars, which would have been a welcome treat if we hadn’t just stuffed down a gigantic roast dinner.

Their ‘show’ was them jumping from one couch to another (did I mention it’s a brand new couch?) and us clapping and cheering like we were at the Cirque du Soleil in Vegas.

My family truly are unique.

But I admit I did have to nudge my dad in the back a few times because he kept falling asleep!