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No-one could doubt the commitment shown by all those school pupils taking part in this weekend’s Greenpower Challenge at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Just getting to the regional heat has taken many hours of hard work and dedication in the workshops, long after the bell has gone to mark the end of lessons for the day.

Pupils from three local schools – Horndean Technology College, Bay House and Bridgemary – will take their place on the starting grid on Sunday and we know that the excitement will already be starting to build.

The Greenpower Challenge really is a great event and gives these students an invaluable opportunity to work together as a team.

By shining a light on the disciplines of engineering and electronics, it also highlights the science subjects as an exciting choice for pupils.

We know that there’s a shortage of scientists and engineers in the UK at the moment.

If that balance is to be redressed at some point in the future, it’s vital that the younger generation takes an interest in those subjects from an early age.

By presenting engineering through the fast-paced and thrilling world of motor racing, the Greenpower organisation is doing a great job in inspiring young minds for the future.

But it’s important to remember that Sunday’s event isn’t only about having fun out of school.

It also shows us that there are sustainable transport options out there if we care to look hard enough.

The recent rise in fuel prices should have set alarm bells ringing that there’s a price to pay for the convenience and comfort of our cars.

It’s clear that electric-powered battery cars will become a viable option for many motorists in the future.

Of course these environmentally-friendly road vehicles won’t look like the racing cars that have been designed and built by the pupils taking part in Greenpower.

But the principle is the same and that’s a great lesson for us all.