We didn’t miss the naughty peacocks

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On April 3 I read an article on The News website about the popular Staunton Country Park. It said concerns had been raised it might lose its massive popularity after it was revealed the peacocks had been removed after they became increasingly feral. There were reports of the large birds ending up on roads and in people’s gardens.

The News reported that park users were spitting feathers about the decision.

County councillor Liz Fairhurst, the chairwoman of the committee that runs Staunton Country Park, said the three peacocks had been re-homed after complaints.

I’ve visited Staunton Country Park many times and have always enjoyed seeing the peacocks, so like many people was sad to hear they would no longer be a fixture at the park.

During the recent school holidays my partner Serena, my daughters Caitlin and Alyssa and I jumped in the car, joined the A27, made our way through Havant and drove into the Staunton car park for another visit.

Well actually we were in the overflow car park because lots of other people had the same idea as us that day.

After paying for our family ticket and being made to feel welcome by staff we made our way to see the lambs sleeping in the sun just metres from where we were standing.

Then we spotted donkey rides being offered for an extra fee which I thought would give me a great photo opportunity.

Shortly afterwards, three-year-old Alyssa and Caitlin, five, spotted the park complete with its slides and climbing frames which they thoroughly enjoyed while we watched.

This is where we spent most of our time during our visit but the girls had plenty more energy left for George’s Play Barn which is a soft play area with more climbing frames, slides, rope bridges and cargo nets.

Play was interrupted by the sound of a bell ringing which signalled an animal encounter session.

Caitlin and Alyssa rushed to get their shoes back on so they could meet and hold the baby rabbits.

After spending more time in the outside play park and then walking around one more time to see the various animals including the pigs, ducks, sheep, chickens, llamas and alpacas our day was over and we made our way back to the car.

It was at this point that I’d like to apologise to those peacocks because I hadn’t even noticed they were gone.

You see, there is so much on offer at Staunton Country Park that we were fully occupied the entire time we were there.

A great family day was had and I can’t see any reason why the park won’t be incredibly popular for a very long time.