We encourage all businesses to step up and join fund

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As a local newspaper we are duty bound to report the bad news from our community as well as the good.

That often means reporting tales of selfish individuals who don’t have a care for what effect they have on other lives.

Take the story on page 11 today for example, where someone has injured a family’s beloved pet cat for no reason whatsoever.

Reading these kinds of stories sometimes leaves you wondering about how much human kindness still exists in the world.

But that’s why we take great pride whenever we report something which reminds us that there are decent people in our community who want to make a difference for good.

And that brings us to the story on pages 4, 8&9 today.

Local firms have come together to offer a £20,000 community cash pot which can be put to use in projects to benefit people in our area.

And now the man behind the scheme is urging more firms to sign up and be a part of it.

Mark Smith, the managing director of the North End-based Car Finance Company, came up with the idea as a way of giving something back.

And we look forward to seeing which projects will be the first to benefit from a much-needed cash boost.

As Mr Smith says: ‘It will help to make Portsmouth a better place.

‘This will become an annual competition and hopefully it will be bigger every year.’

A number of companies have already signed up and pledged to put money in the pot.

How incredible it would be if in a few years this project took off and could offer not £20,000 but £200,000 to organisations and people who need a bit of a financial push to do some good.

Best of luck to all those who are trying to make it happen.