We had moments in the sun, but we knew it couldn’t last

New commercial life is sprouting in Copnor Road

VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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Could the dream of every Pompey fan really come true? Living within our means, the club owned locally by supporters?

As our administrators find the preferred bidders to be the Supporters’ Trust, a new phase in the club’s history begins.

But how much money can a half-full 20,000-seat stadium generate? Are we destined to always be a League One club?

We’ve had our moments in the sun, we’ve enjoyed the superstar players and Wembley with Harry at the helm. But deep down we knew it couldn’t last.

Now all I long for is stability and I can’t wait for the Football Focus feature on how a proper football club should be run, regardless of the league we’re in.