We have a big part to play in life in our community

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We make no apologies today for blowing our own trumpet. We do so at the start of Local Newspaper Week, in which the industry is celebrating and showcasing its crucial role in local communities.

Cast an eye to the page opposite and you will see that the Queen has, we believe, hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing the role of newspapers such as The News.

‘Local and regional newspapers are a fundamental part of the fabric of our communities and we should celebrate the important contribution they make to highlighting the issues and achievements of their particular area,’ she says.

And she is correct in highlighting two aspects of our daily offering.

Some think that newspapers are only interested in criticising and finding fault. Not so.

It is, of course, vital that a free press scrutinises public and private organisations and exposes wrongdoing or inefficiency.

But equally, we are here to celebrate and give recognition to all that is good in our community.

As the We Can Do It! newspaper, we are determined to promote and enhance – and get directly involved with – initiatives that make a positive difference to life in south-east Hampshire and West Sussex.

We hope that readers – and non-readers – will come to meet us at our travelling roadshow during this week. Details are on the page opposite.

And we hope that many will join us between midday and 2pm tomorrow for the readers’ section of our live ‘A Day in the Life of The News’ blog at portsmouth.co.uk.

Of course, we strive to be accessible and approachable every day of every week of every year, but perhaps sometimes we don’t shout loudly enough about that.

Local Newspaper Week gives us a chance to show what we offer and the important part we play in the life of this community.

So we hope you enjoy our celebration this week, although it’s not so much about us as about you – because when all is said and done, The News is your paper.