We hope the Transplant Games will be an inspiration

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This has been a summer of inspiration, first from the sight of the world’s fastest and strongest athletes competing in the London Olympics and now, even more so perhaps, from the example set by competitors in the Paralympics.

Who can fail to be thrilled and enriched by watching men and women compete to the highest letter despite a challenge that life has thrown at them?

South Africa’s ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius came into the Games as probably the only Paralympian known throughout the globe.

By the time the contest has finished, many more men and women will have achieved that level of fame – and deservedly so.

The Paralympics, little recognised until 20 years ago, can surely only continue to grow in stature.

We hope that the same can be said about another sporting gathering, one that has its roots in Portsmouth.

The World Transplant Games, which will next be held in South Africa in 2013, began in this city.

They grew from the British Transplant Games, the inaugural celebration of which was held here 34 years ago.

Richard Twose, whose story is told in our Real Life feature today, is just one of hundreds who will inspire all those who watch as he competes in South Africa next year.

In wishing him and his Great Britain team mates well, we have two hopes.

The first is that one day it might be possible to stage the World Transplant Games right here in Portsmouth, where it all began in 1978.

In a sense, we are the Athens of these Games and how wonderful if one day they could come home.

Our second hope is that our story today, and the continuing example set by transplant competitors, will persuade more people to carry a donor card.

An average of three people a day die still waiting for a suitable transplant opportunity.

Oh that the example set by Richard and his colleagues will help to reduce that tragic statistic.

Details on how to make a commitment are at organdonation.nhs.uk or on (0300) 1232323.