We look for good news – but we won’t ban ’bad’ news but we’ll look for the

Neil Jackson from Garsons with delighted pupils
Neil Jackson from Garsons with delighted pupils
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VERITY LUSH: Green shoots of recovery sprouting in northern Portsmouth

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I was interested to see recently that a newspaper in London had produced an edition that deliberately did not contain any ‘bad’ news.

The editor said it was ‘an attempt to be positive in an otherwise gloomy time for the industry’.

His decision meant that his paper was packed with happy, uplifting stories – and he certainly got the newspaper talked about. We won’t though be trying the idea at The News.

I acknowledge that from time to time people ask questions along the lines of: ‘Why are you only interested in bad news?’

Actually we’re very interested in ‘good’ news too.

During my career, I’ve often been involved in discussions about getting more uplifting stories and pictures into a particular edition.

I vouch that I’ve never once said: ‘We need to find some more bad news today.’

The fact is that lots of things go wrong in life and people have a legitimate interest in knowing what has happened. So burying ‘bad’ news under the carpet is a non-starter for me.

What’s more important is that we always seek to have a good balance in each edition of the paper.

That’s one of the reasons why we run our We Can Do It campaign.

It’s a deliberate effort to accentuate the positive.

We also try whenever we can to turn ‘bad’ news into ‘good.’

Take for instance the story we ran recently about the disappointment of youngsters at Elson Junior School in Gosport after vandals ripped up plants in their school garden.

Having reported on their upset, we set about trying to put a smile back on their faces.

A quick call to Garsons garden centre in Titchfield brought the promise of £100 of vouchers for the children to buy new plants.

We necessarily report ‘bad’ news and people are without doubt interested in it – but this was I hope a good example of how ‘good’ news is just an important ingredient in the daily mix of stories.