We men ‘Dry Clean Never’ but it usually comes out in the wash

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Iwas thinking about the instructions you see on various products that you buy and I reckon I’ve worked out the one instruction that a typical man will ignore more than any other.

It’s this: ‘Dry Clean Only’.When men see this instruction, they’ll instinctively say: ‘Naaahhh… I’m sure it’ll be okay in the washing machine.’

And the thing is they’re usually right!

Have you bought Lego for a kid recently? If you go to a Lego store you can buy loose bits from the Lego equivalent of the Pizza Hut salad bar.

You get small or large tubs you can fill with the stuff and pay for whatever you manage to squeeze in there.

So people like me who have a lifetime’s experience of shoving as much salad into a bowl as possible are at a massive advantage!

The Bafta nominations came out last week and there was one surprise I spotted among them.

A film called The Invisible Woman has been nominated for Costume Design. Now excuse me, but how hard can it be to design costumes for an invisible woman?

Apparently, there’s been a big rise in the number of dating agency sites for geeks. There’s ones called Geek-to-Geek, Geeky-Dating, Seek-a-Geek, Soul-Geek and Nerdy-Dating.

But I’ve thought of the best name ever for a geek dating site – Spod-U-Like! What do you think?

Charity shops have been accused of abandoning their traditional clientele by selling used items for hundreds of pounds.

I find that there are a couple of ways you can tell if your local charity shop’s becoming a bit too posh.

They’ve started employing store detectives and the only second-hand books they sell are first editions.

Oh and not forgetting…they’ve banned oiks like me from shopping there!