We need a sign warning the ignorant of a new road layout

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Every single time I’ve got off the M275 at the Rudmore Roundabout – the ferry port one – for the past week, I’ve almost been sideswiped by another car.

The lanes have changed into a more sensible layout to try to mitigate the traffic disaster caused by the new Park & Ride, but precious few have realised.

It seems most drivers are ignorant or blind (or both) and have failed to spot the new ‘left turn only’ arrow in the left lane.

Nor have they noticed the new dotted white line lane guides across the roundabout.

There just needs to be a sign warning of a new road layout and hopefully everyone will soon get the message.

But if they don’t, it’s okay, because I’ve fancied having a new car for a while now. Hit me and I might get one.