We need to acknowledge Sir David's achievements

There are so many times when I've stared at my television screen, mesmerised by the images described by Sir David Attenborough.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 6:09 am

Now he has turned 90, I feel I need to acknowledge his achievements.

I love the fact that a voice reading beautifully-structured sentences can encapsulate what you see so well.

His clear diction and attention to detail is first class. Every word uttered by him appears to carry weight.

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I think we have all appreciated his work at some point in our lives.

If it wasn’t for the documentaries he and his team have pieced together, I’d imagine I wouldn’t appreciate animals, and nature, as much as I do.

On several occasions I have found myself engrossed by the television series on which he has worked.

I believe Sir David is a truly remarkable broadcaster who has offered, and still offers, so much.

Hearing of people turn 100 years old is now a more common occurrence, but I still see hitting 90 as quite an achievement.

For someone such as Sir David to have witnessed the things he has seen and heard has all added to his lifetime experience.

To sit with him and hear some of his stories would be brilliant.

I always value hearing about some of the things older people got up to earlier in their lives.

I remember when my grandad was alive, I always made time for what he had to tell me about when he lived in Portsmouth.

Sir David is valued and admired throughout the world.

He highlights the good side of British broadcasting and contributes to an industry which is greatly respected. It’s a sobering thought to think Sir David won’t be around for the rest of my life.

However, the legacy he will have left through his work will continue to have an impact on so many.

Sitting here now, I can just imagine people watching his documentaries in years to come.

There’s no reason why that wouldn’t happen. On many occasions, some of the images in them have never been seen before.

The naturalist has successfully educated, inspired and interacted with those who may previously have been oblivious to the natural wonders of the world.

David Attenborough makes uninteresting things interesting.

The impact he has had is vast. So what impact can we leave in a lifetime?

We all have the power to leave a lasting legacy.

But, like Sir David, it is something we’ll need to work at.