We need soft play for adults

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Afew weeks ago I wrote about a visit to Krazy Kaves, the children’s indoor play centre in Portsmouth. I took my daughters Caitlin and Alyssa and they had so much fun they now ask every week when we’re going to return.

The visit took me back to my childhood in the 1990s when I’d spend hours in the almost identical Monster Mania in the Tricorn Centre.

Now, years later, I was just watching from the sidelines with a cup of coffee, but I secretly wanted to take my shoes off and dive into that multi-coloured ball pool.

But, being the grown-up, I knew my place. But I was pleased to read that a soft play centre in Yorkshire has decided to introduce adult-only sessions.

Yes, adults too can have as much fun as they want on that centre’s slides, in the ball pools and on the climbing ropes and apparently it has already been proving popular.

After giving us the amazing Yorkshire pudding I now hope that historic county’s love for adult soft play also makes its way down south.