We need to start preparing for our little bean’s arrival

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It’s true! Yes. I’m delighted to announce that this summer I’ll become a daddy.

What a difficult few months it’s been trying to keep that one quiet. Something I’m not very good at!

You feel ecstatic at that first positive pregnancy test.

Then, as the euphoria slowly subsides, you realise the hurdles you have to overcome before that little bundle of joy arrives.

We haven’t wanted to get too carried away this time after a few upsets, but tears flowed freely at our first scan when we saw our little baby’s heart beating away.

Sarah has had a very good first trimester. No real morning sickness, just feeling tired by the end of the day.

I’ve had to make a few emergency trips to the corner shop for wine gums, chocolate and lime cordial.

But apart from that, she has sailed through the first 12 weeks.

Today we reach week 21 and she is really starting to show.

Skinny jeans no longer fit and maternity wear is the order of the day.

As she squeezes into her clothes in the morning, I re-affirm how beautiful she looks pregnant.

As my wife looks down, she is now unable to see her feet without leaning forward!

Our baby looked like a little bean at the first scan and this name has stuck.

Each Thursday I’m taking a picture of Sarah’s progress as she starts to get bigger and bigger.

The strange thing about the second trimester is how quiet things get.

Sarah is blooming, but those early symptoms disappear.

It was only after 19 weeks and the little bean’s first kick that Sarah really started to relax.

Soon I suppose we’ll really need to start preparing for the arrival.

The second bedroom will become the baby’s room. Time to decorate then. But what colour?

With the kind of excitement I show as I look though car magazines, Sarah is now eyeing up prams.

‘For me, it has to look good and handle well in all conditions’ she says.

Now she’s speaking my language!