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You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

My dear Dad used to quote this all the time at his exuberant, full-of-ideas daughter.

Wise old Dad would agree my latest idea was a good one.

But then, at the risk of incurring his ‘head in the clouds’ daughter’s wrath, he would add that maybe if I modified my idea my pals would join in.

He would add that you can’t force people to do something they are not comfortable with, and then I’d get the ‘horse’ quote.

No-one likes being told what to do. That’s what’s happening with multiculturalism in the UK.

According to a recent report, it’s not working. Let’s remove from the equation bigots, racists and thoroughly vile prejudiced people, and take the average Brit.

Myself, and probably most of you Pompey folk, have pals, neighbours and relatives whose religion and culture differs from yours.

And pre all this politically correct government/local council ‘you will embrace multiculturalism’, we all got on quite nicely, thank you.

We were a country that prided itself in free speech for ALL. Well I think, and many of you will agree, that some religions’/ cultures’ speech is more free than others.

Multiculturalism is being force-fed to us, shoved down our throats, when our own British culture is being eroded or diluted – for example, the constant call for Christmas to be rebranded as Winter Festival.

What a hullaballoo there’s been locally about Cllr Malcolm Hey’s walkout when Muslim prayers were said at a city council meeting. Well in the name of multiculturalism, if our councillors need to pray before a business meeting, then the whole kit ’n’ kaboodle should be there – Rabbi, Buddhist, Hindu, Jedi. Pagan is also a recognised religion.

So how about Shamanic drumming and some ‘sage’ cleansing, where sage is lit and wafted into the corners of the room to remove negative and disruptive energy?

That should empty the council chamber, dear.


If you’re a fat Brit babe, then it’s likely you’ll be beaten to a promotion by a slim work colleague.

If you’re a ‘pile the pounds on’ porky bloke, your excess weight probably won’t affect your promotion.

But if you’re a roly-poly fella with bad posture, you may not get the job.

How about that then folks, even more useless nuggets of wisdom from recent studies.

It amazes me that researchers and scientists get paid big bucks to come up with these obvious conclusions that the majority of us have sussed out years ago.

And even parrots are getting their feet checked out.

After a study into 320 parrots, researchers concluded that 47 per cent were left-footed, 33 per cent were right-footed, and the rest were ambidextrous.

Wow... how handy (excuse the pun) is that for parrots, eh?