We’re gearing up for a huge royal celebration

William and Kate
William and Kate
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As we report on page three today, Portsmouth and the towns and villages around it are preparing to party.

More than 60 jelly-and-fizzypop events have been planned across the area and, as well as those street parties, pubs and clubs will also be holding celebrations on Friday.

All eyes will be on London for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and I’m sure that people across the world will see that here in Britain we know how to party!

Of course, our reporters and photographers will be out and about next Friday to cover the various street parties and celebrations and we’ll be providing comprehensive coverage in The News on Saturday as well as at our website, portsmouth.co.uk

This week we’ll be continuing our build up to the big event at Westminster Abbey and, as part of that, chief reporter Chris Owen’s popular Remember When page will feature some royal weddings from the past.

I am sure that they will bring back lots of memories for readers.

One in particular brings back memories for me – the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981 (it seems hard to believe that almost 30 years have flown past since that day).

I was one of the reporters The News sent to London to cover the big event.

Amazingly, the couple never thought to invite me to the service at St Paul’s Cathedral, and so I spent the day with the crowds who lined the streets of London in their tens of thousands.

It was a long day, starting with me wandering along The Mall as dawn broke over hundreds of people who had slept the night on the pavement and asking: ‘Is there anyone here from Portsmouth.’

Thirty years on, I hope that you enjoy our coverage of the wedding of Charles and Diana’s eldest son to Kate Middleton.