We’re gifted to survive BGT

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Britain’s Got Talent is racking up some impressive audience figures on ITV on Saturday evenings.

I think this proves that we’re a nation of incredibly gifted people.

To be fair, I think the character should be northern and working class

Imagine having the amazing strength of will, perseverance and the ability to soak up terrible punishment to have sat through the best part of two hours of the show at the weekend.

Give yourselves a pat on the back!

Actor Christopher Eccleston has suggested he quit Doctor Who after falling out with bosses over his decision to play the character with a strong northern accent. 

To be fair, I think the character should be northern and working class. Here’s why.

If he was posh and southern, Doctor Who would probably be called the more grammatically correct ‘Doctor Whom’.

And that just doesn’t sound right, does it?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wine from their French vineyard has gone on sale in supermarkets for the first time after winning rave reviews from critics.

Apparently they’ve produced a Pinot Noir, a Cabernet, a Frascati and a Beaujolais.

No, hang on… sorry… those are some of their kids’ names, aren’t they?

A London-based company has launched a prototype ‘robot-chef’ for the home.

Moley Robotics is demonstrating its concept at this year’s Hannover Messe, a big trade fair for industrial technology held annually in Germany.

The cooking machine learns by capturing the movements of a human in the action of preparing a meal.

These movements are then turned into commands that drive a sophisticated pair of robot hands.

But does anyone else think our eating habits are in Britain are so bad that we don’t really need a complex and futuristic robot chef?

Basically, we need a vending machine that is able to speed-dial the curry house!