We’re in a no-win situation when it comes to weddings

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Have you ever seen the BBC Three reality TV show called Don’t Tell The Bride? The bridegroom has to organise every aspect of the wedding, from the venue, stag and hen parties down to the attire, including the wedding dress!

The lovely BBC also provides them with a budget of £12,000 and, over three weeks, the couple are not allowed any contact until the big day itself.

As Sarah and I are due to get married this summer, we watch this show with interest. Many of the blokes featured are a bit useless, so can such oafs pull it out of the bag and organise the perfect day?

Nine times of 10, the answer is yes – and floods of tears pour both on the telly and on our sofa.

But if I had to organise our wedding, could I do it? Would Sarah ever let me do it?

It’s a tricky place to be for a man. The perfect wedding day is something a girl dreams about all her life. Boys dream about walking on the moon or driving a Formula One car (or, in my case, a big bus).

Are we really capable of making the wedding breakfast room look like something so magical it could be from a Disney cartoon?

And to us ‘favours’ are something you do for your mates rather than those little gifts given to wedding guests.

But if I don’t get involved in the wedding, I could be accused of not being interested or giving enough support. Guys, we are in a no-win situation here.

In our spare room, box after box has arrived full of items that will make our day so special and exciting. But my only involvement so far is seeing the postman and signing for them.

I make sure I listen when Sarah talks about the preparations and look at things she has ordered, making positive gestures.

Maybe I’ll make the odd stupid suggestion, reaffirming my position of being interested, but with clearly no clue as to how to organise our big day.

I think I did a pretty good job on the proposal and choosing the venue and colour scheme though.

So maybe my work is done here? I can now hear the tut-tuts from women all over the south!